Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath)

Bhramari, is the primary pranayama for Vata.



Make sure to sit in a comfortable upright, seated position.  Spine nice and straight.  Hands gently on your knees.  You can have your legs folded,  or straight in front of you if this is too hard.  Keep your pelvis slightly tilted forward, you may sit on a block or bolster to support his pelvic tilt.

We inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose, with vibration that is directed to the cranial plate, where the frontal lobe sits.  The exhalation is always longer, The breathe ratio is 1:2.   Hum gently, making sure to keep the mouth and jaw relaxed.


The kids love this one!   They can experiment with high humming, low humming, quiet humming.  All the while,  visualizing themselves as bee’s collecting nectar.   Just make sure to remind them to keep their mouth and jaw relaxed.   Having a room full of kids perform this pranayama sounds amazing.  It’s fun and helps them center, preparing them for a grounded practice of yoga.  Adults benefit just as much and its a great way to prepare you for your practice.

This vibrational massage to the frontal lobe has many positive benefits.  The frontal lobe is our ‘primary seat of consciousness’.  [2] Through its function we make ethical choices, choosing between ‘right and wrong’, and we supress unfavourable responses deducing future consequences from current actions.  Chronic illnesses such as Alzheirmer’s and Parkinson’s disease are a degeneration of the frontal lobe.  The vibration that bhramari supplies to this area may be the stimulation we need to keep our brains younger and healthier for longer. [3]

Please refer to this great youtube clip on how to perform this pranayama.



[2] AYA Lecture Notes, D Salerno, 2013

[3] AYA Lecture Notes, D Salerno, 2013


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