Month: October 2015

Yoga has been coming to the West for a very long time, we just noticed it about one hundred years ago. Georg Fevestein PhD, Poet and Yoga Historian Yoga, considered to be one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the world, and of which its origins are little known, was saved from the brink of […]

Stomach and Spleen The mysterious powers of the earth create humidity in Heaven and fertile soil upon the earth.  They create the flesh within the body, and the vicera they create the stomach.  Of the colours they create the yellow colour and they give the human voice the ability to sing… of the flavours they […]

We live in  a fast paced world in which we are bombarded by information each and every day.  Iphones, Ipads, Emails, TV, there is no escape and its an assault on the senses. We have bought into the cult of ‘busy’, and what we have lost is the ability to just ‘be’.  Ultimately all this […]