Dr Catherine Argyros is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),  remedial massage therapist, and yoga teacher

catherine argyros


Evolution depends on humanity returning to a simpler life. As we increasingly living further and further away from nature  this broken connection results in disease and unease on many levels. Its my aim to help others reclaim their connection and live with awareness. I offer to do this with on line support, workshops and retreats, covering such topics as ‘Learning to live in accordance with nature’, ‘Our bodies natural rhythms’ ‘Green Living’, ‘Weight loss, detox and yoga’.

My approach is to nourish the body and spirit whilst bringing balance and harmony. This requires living in accordance to nature, seasonal eating and treating the body like a temple.  Our bodies not only need to last us a life time, we want them to work well bringing quality to our life.

Wholesome foods, yoga, meditation, detox and ritual are some of the tools that I can help you utilize to have an impact on your body, spirit and mind. We nurture the spiritual awakening that evolves when living in harmony with the elements.

I hear a lot of dis-empowered speak when it comes to people and their health. There is a lot of confusion due to the misinformation out in the media. I do believe in many ways its not as hard or expensive as people think. There is also a big link between the state of our health and the state of our planet. This page is where I hope to share simple truths and wisdom’s that can help us in the short and long term.




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